Spring is here and so are the rainy days!

sump pumpWith the melting snow, frozen ground and spring showers it’s that time of year that our sump pump systems work the hardest. Sump pumps and there pits are the lowest portion of your home, the purpose of the sump system to collect the water from around your foundation and footing to keep the dry and reduce the possibility of water leaking into your basement. 

1. The first step to keeping a basement dry and the sump system from over working is prevention; downspouts should be extended at least 3ft awaydownspouts from the foundation or further if possible, gutters should be clear so water can flow to the areas you want to manage the water away from the home.
2. The sump pump pit should be clear of debris to ensure pump efficiency and prevent the float from being stuck in the closed or open position.
3. The sump discharge should terminate at least 3ft away from the foundation or further if possible.
4. The sump pump should activate prior to the inlet pipe being full. If the water level is set to high then the weeping tiles around the home will be full or partially full of water which will cause the footing to be damp and soften the soils and possible allow foundation movement. Damp weeping tiles will also promote root growth.

The need for a back-up system?

The main pump can fail at any time or power can be lost; both of which can if left unattended leave you with a damp or worse flooded basement.

Having a second pump powered by main line voltage will only ensure you basement won’t get wet if a main pump failure occurs and not protect you from power outages. A battery back-up system will provide some effectiveness but will only last as long as the battery charge holds; also you will have to replace the battery over time and continue to use electrical voltage to maintain the battery charge.

A water back-up system will provide coverage for both power outage and main pump failure. A water back up system such as the Liberty SJ10 system works on city water pressure. While there is a possibility that city water can be shut –off that probability is far lower than power loss. The Liberty SJ10 system works “only” when required and when partnered with an audible alarm or home security system you are notified when it has become active.

More information can be found here about the liberty SJ10 system