Boiler GWB9

GWB9-IH Boilerboiler

With an efficiency rating of up to 90% AFUE, the GWB9-IH Boiler allows you to stay comfortable during even the coldest weather, without worrying about energy costs.

The GWB9-IH is designed to integrate easily into a traditional radiator system. Its lightweight and compact design allows flexible installation inside your home. Fuel flexibility lets you use either natural or LP gas as a heat source.

Comforting warmth, right when you want it

The cast-aluminum heat exchanger in the GWB9-IH transfers heat three times faster than conventional cast-iron heat exchangers. So you enjoy rapid warmth when you need it.

Engineered for lasting comfort and energy savings

ENERGY STAR® certified


15-Year Limited Warranty on heat exchanger

10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components

GWB9-IH Product Brochure

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