Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

DescriptionTankless Water Heaters

Instantaneous (also referred to as “tankless” or “on-demand”) water heaters heat hot water on an as-needed basis. These units do not store hot water, eliminating the energy load required to keep a tank of water hot enough for use at any time (the ‘stand-by’ energy loss). The units are wall mounted and relatively compact. Natural gas, propane (LP), and electric versions of tankless water heaters are available with varying energy efficiency. Source CMHC

Pros Cons
Heats water only as it is needed (on-demand)  Life style changes (No more showers, dishwasher and washing machine running at the same time) 
Endless hot water** Up front expense greater than a standard water heater or power vented water heater. $$$$
Reduces utility bills through energy saving ‘on-demand’ features* **Modulating water temperature when flow rates exceed the maximums 
Frees up floor space as the units are relatively compact and are wall mounted Electricity used over standard water heater
Lowers on-site emissions from fuel-fired systems. Reduces consumption of non-renewable fuel resources. No hot water during a power outage




Annual Energy Cost Savings — 58% gas hot water to 92% instantaneous water heater
Vancouver Calgary Toronto Montreal
Annual Energy Cost — Tank 358 227 302 451
Annual Energy Cost — Instantaneous 207 136 175 270
Annual Energy Cost Savings 151 91 127 181

Source CMHC

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