Buyer beware when purchasing your new barbeque and natural gas conversion kit


Barbeque Conversions

This past week we were called upon to install a natural gas line for a customer for their new barbeque that was purchased from one of the large box retailers here in Niagara. After installing the gas line I proceeded to convert the newly purchased propane barbeque with the conversion kit provide by the retailer at the time the barbeque was purchased.

Upon inspection the natural gas conversion kit was nothing special and the barbeque easily converted over to natural gas in 15 minutes.  Once connect to the natural gas service and tested I noticed the flames to be overly large, yellow and loud.

Having converted many many barbeques over the last twenty years I knew something was amiss. So a review of both the conversion process and implantation were undertaken. The conversion was correct and the appropriate parts installed as per the manual, further review of the manual did not note any model numbers for any barbeques. The rating plate on the barbeque gave no indication to natural gas or conversion. This led me to conclude maybe the barbeque was not a convertible barbeque at all. A quick call to the manufacturer confirmed this conclusion and the home owner was advised and barbeque return to its natural state.

A few word of caution.

  1. Confirm with the manufacturer that your barbeque can be converted
  2. Purchased the correct kit for the barbeque (there is no generic conversion kit)
  3. Have a licenced gas fitter perform the conversion, for your own safety and the knowledge we have its well worth the few dollars.


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