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We provide installation and service for Air Conditioning to the Fort Erie area and surrounding municipalities. We have been servicing the Niagara Region since 1986 with almost 30 years’ experience we provide a high standard of air conditioning installations.

Our gold standard focus on installations means we ensure longevity and reliability for your newly installed air conditioning system. The biggest factor on any air conditioner installation is the company “person” installing the product. You can purchase the most popular brand names and still have a system that doesn’t cool effectively, noisy or breaks down prematurely.

We focus on the four core processes when installing air conditioning. 

  1. A clean system
    • We use only new parts: A- Coil, Refrigerant Line set replacement and Condenser
  2. Dry nitrogen brazing, purging and testing
    • Contaminants and moisture will effect longevity and reliability. By brazing with nitrogen flowing through the pipes contaminants are eliminated and the moist removal process started by absorption. Post brazing testing with nitrogen ensures a leak free system and longevity.
  3. Deep vacuum evacuation
    • Ensuring the system is void of air and moisture is a critical process. Moist and Air left behind will cause the system to be noisy but worst will cause the protective oil in the compressor system to burn down ultimately ending the compressor life prematurely.
  4. Proper charge and Air Flow
    • Once the system is open and refrigerant flowing we adjust the air flow to match the system size and duct system requirements. Then final critical element is to ensure proper charge, without a properly charged system the air conditioning system will underperform.

Fort Erie our Home Town

We have called Fort Erie Home for since 1992, our town hasn’t seen much development in the past twenty plus years and with large business down sizing the economy in Fort Erie has been hit as hard as many small towns in Ontario. Currently all our staff is from the Fort  Erie, supporting our home town is very important.


Fort Erie Air Conditioning

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