OPA, reinventing the wheel


After almost three months of waiting for the Ontario Power Authority OPA rebate system to come online we received an email this past weekend. Fantastic you think!, sadly not. Despite the fact this program has been running now in excess of 5 years on a system that has been almost bug free conception and end user friendly, we now have a new system for data to be entered.

How bad can it be?

Password resets on the new website don’t generate emails to reset passwords.

Usernames are not the same from the old system (You have to be clever to figure this one out)

The system will not auto-save an entry or allow for saving an entry to be finished on a later date/time (Step back from the old system)

So where do we go from here?

Well stay tuned. We have sent further emails to the respective representative in control but I’m sure ours will be one of many that come across the desk at HRAI.

Currently we can not enter any submission but we hope this week will be the last of the waiting.

What we had was system that worked and at the very most needed some tweaks, the overhaul of the website for submissions should have been a mere formality with little delay or need to reinvent the wheel. I’m sure there has been much talk around the office at HRAI and OPA about how they have improved the system and the cost to do so justified.

There are less professional and smaller operations that wouldn’t put out a system so poorly operable. Is this Windows 8 comparison , no but a few beta testers prior to launch and these issues as simple as they are non existent.

Its a little Monday rant!

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