Flushing your money away!

We will keep this one a short flush today, its Friday and Sunny

A Chlorine puck(s) (Spa pucks) or bowl cleaners of any kind should not be put inside your toilet tank.

Why you ask?

A Chlorine puck(s) will, and some bowl cleaners cause premature seal failures. Rubber and plastic components do not do well when exposed to chlorine. Rubber will become swollen and plastics brittle. As we have seen in very recent service calls if you are lucky enough to be home it’s a minor disaster if not you are looking at thousands of dollars in repairs and probably an insurance claim.

Can you put them in the bowl, sure if you feel the need to splash the blue colour or put a cleaner dot on the porcelain then go for it.

Keep in mind we do not recommend any large use of chlorine cleaners with septic systems it can slow the rate your septic system decays waste.

Have a great weekend !

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